What is this?


and why are you calling me mum?

Why this blog, why now and why change?


This blog is the result of a decision.

A decision that includes the thoughts that:

  • I want to lose weight and notice it!
  • I want to eat right.
  • I want to train and see results
  • I want to build bigger muscles
  • I want to flatten my stomach
  • I want to compete in the National 3 peaks challenge
  • I want to like who I am

I go to a gym almost every day….and yet I don’t notice a difference so I must be doing it wrong.

This is my journey from where I am now to my target weight: 12.5 stone. Not much weight loss I know but, I am hoping to build muscle as well.

Photos will follow tomorrow (Monday) along with measurements.

It’s late Sunday evening and I am tired!

I’ll also upload my workout results every day as well as updating my progress in the page (yet to be created!) called “My Chart”

I’ll update details of my workouts as well.

If you want to join me in my quest let me know, I’ll sort ya out a login.

Till then…


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