Everyone needs targets…


Ask anyone what is one of the most important factors in life and it’s having targets, goals, aims – call ‘em what you will.

So I sat here this morning and asked myself – what are my targets for this weight los/muscle building/fitness thing?

I mean, what are the points at which I can take stock and, the indicators for my progress?

So, I have two that I have in mind and both of them are fitness related but, they also have a spiritual element to them (you’ll see).

Firstly, I and a few others from my gym (see blogroll!) are undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge this October. Now I LOVE climbing hills, really big-ass steep hills, in fact it’s not the climbing but the summit that I enjoy – the sense of being as it were “nearer God”.

The team of 12 (including no doubt some fit people who will make me feel ashamed but that is not so bad) will be endeavouring to do this in 12 hrs.


So my primary target is to live through that and not to bring eternal shame on me, my family and my ancestors by having a cardiac arrest 1/2 way up the first peak or, failing to make it.

So I am going to intensify my CV work to meet this challenge and, drop weight as well.

Secondly the same team are aiming to do the National 3 Peaks Challenge in May 2010 and as I am pro-life I want to make sure my fitness levels are good for that to!

Thirdly, to lose – d’uh! I mean I wan to get back to the 32 inch waits I had….and miss!

Finally and I know this sounds lame but, come next summer, I wanna be able to mow my lawn without a t-shirt on and NOT look like Jabba The Hutt fox trotting around a patch of green with a mechanical mistress. I don’t want Greenpeace or some other bunch of tree-huggers coming round thinking there is a beached whale in my back garden or worse, have the neighbours complain about the fat vagrant mooching in my back yard.

I know, not much in the way of goals but they are a start – vain as they are.

I’ll post up my current routine in the next few days and work out a plan of attack for the month of September.

‘ave it!



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