Workout – 01/09/09


Weight Lift Cartoon

A hard going workout today…decided on a 4×10 rep set with 30s rest instead of my usual 3 x 15 +45s but also, upped my weights – here’s my workout today:

10 mins warm-up (Bodyfit)

Exercise Prev Curr
Lat Pull Down (Front W/G) 50kg 57.5kg
Lat Pull Down (N/G) 50kg 57.5kg
Reverse Fly 25kg 30kg
Back Extensions 15 15
Bicep Curl (Hammer) 10kg 10kg
Bicep Curl (Bar) 25kg 30kg
Cable Curl (Single arm) 15kg 15kg [1]
Bar Push Down (F/Press) 35kg 40kg
Lat Pull Down (Back W/G) 50kg 57.5kg

10 mins warm down (Step machine of doom!) Level 9 S/F Burner.

[1] Spent more time making sure my form was right!

So that was Tuesday. Got back home and it REALLY hit me, I mean I was zonked out – felt sooooo tired!

Wednesday is another weights day, Thursday is Cardio, Friday weights.

Usually my 5 day gym week is W/C/W/C/W with cycling or walking at the weekends.

Anyhow, that’s me for today unless I get on my bike tonight – the worst thing is that the 3 Peaks Challenge gets closer 😉


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