Workout 08/09/09



Today is a weights day and I was ready having had a long (3 day) weekend on a course – much sitting on my butt!

Exercise Prev Curr Reps
Bodyfit 15 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l10)  
Lat W/G P/D 57.5kg 57.5kg 15/15/15 45s
Lat N/G P/D 57.5kg 57.5kg 12/12/12 45s
Reverse Flye 30kg 30kg 15/15/15 45s
Back extension     15/15/15 45s
Bicep Curl (Hammer) 7.5kg 7.5kg 12/12/12 45s
U/H Bar Hammer Curl 25kg 30kg 15/15/15 45s
S/H Cable Curl 15kg 15kg 12/12/12 45s
Bar F/Press 40kg 40kg 15/15/15 45s
Lat W/G Back 57.5kg 57.5kg 10/10/10 45s
Steps of Doom 15mins (f/b l8) 15mins (f/b l8)  

Had a problem with some of the form on a few especially the Lat Narrow Grip (forearms start to ache a lot) so need to look into that with my main man Dave.

Also, need to start upping the weights every workout to really push myself. Another 2 weeks and then a change of routine.

So, onwards….


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