Today I started a new routine which is a 3 day a week split for weights with 2 day cardio/core.


The split is this:

Mon:  Shoulders/Triceps

Tue:  Cardio/Core

Wed: Biceps/Back

Thu:  Cardio/Core

Fri:   Legs/Chest

Saturdays are more cardio (Bike/Walking) and Sunday is a rest day.

First day today was quite hard and I think successful.

Here’s my record:

Exercise Prev Curr Reps
Warm Up      
Steps of doom 15mins L9 FB+ 15mins L9 FB+  
Bodyfit 15 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l9)  
Lateral Raise Side 5kg 7.5kg 12/8/9 45s
Lateral Raise Front 5kg 7.5kg 10/10/10 45s
Shoulder Row (Bench) 7.5kg (C) 12.5kg (F) 15/15/15 45s
Bar Bell Standing Row 25kg 25kg 12/15/12 45s
Shrugs 10kg 15kg 15/15/15 45s
Cable Press (O/H grip) 50kg 55kg 14/10/8 45s
V-Bar push down 50KG 55kg 12/15/9 45s
Rope Push Down 45kg 55kg 10/10/10 45s
Skull Crushes 5kg 5kg 10/10/10 45s
Overhead Rope Pull 45kg 45kg 7/6/8 45s

The Skull Crushes were the hardest and I had to go light (I know, wuss but I’ll try harder next time I promise!). I tend to reach a sudden stop point of failure in my reps. Some people slowly atrophy, me? I just stop. Dead.

My arms and shoulders are still aching 3 hours later but, I had a maximum of 1 minute rest between each exercise type so it was an intense session.


One more rep….just….one….more….rep….Gah!


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