about me

So, me?

I’m your average guy really. 37 years old (38 this year!), married with one kid. I work variously in IT and Consulting, I am studying for a Diploma in “Systems Practice” with the OU and, I also run a creative arts ministry in my “small amount of) spare time.

I have been going to a gym for about 6 weeks now and spent that time “getting into” the various bits of equipment and getting some form training.

Now for the real work!


I’ve let myself go….there, I said it! I have become something I never wanted to be  and it’s my intention to change that.

I called it “good living” but really, it was simple indulgence and it had to stop.

So this will be my story of change from a 13.5st guy with flabby bits, to something a a bit more toned….


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