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Today I started a new routine which is a 3 day a week split for weights with 2 day cardio/core. Advertisements

All change


I’ve been doing my old routine now for a good 6 weeks and it feels like my body has gotten used tow hat I am doing so, it’s time to change what I do… Am working on a new routine set that will enable me to be more focussed on working specific muscle groups now […]

Today is a weights day and I was ready having had a long (3 day) weekend on a course – much sitting on my butt! Exercise Prev Curr Reps Bodyfit 15 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l10)   Lat W/G P/D 57.5kg 57.5kg 15/15/15 45s Lat N/G P/D 57.5kg 57.5kg 12/12/12 45s Reverse Flye 30kg […]

Friday was a weights day and I was feeling in the mood so here’s my workout. Exercise Prev Curr Bodyfit 10 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l0) Lateral Raise 5kg 5kg Front Raise 5kg 5kg Seated Cable Pulls (V) 65kg 70kg Inner R/Cuff 10kg 10kg Outer R/Cuff 10kg 15kg Leg Press 125kg 125kg Lunges 7.5kg […]

Thursday was cardio day so, I didn’t do any major weights, just filled some time in between CV work with some form lifts and non-recorded work using 3x15x30secs. Exercise Prev Curr Steps machine of Doom 10 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l0) Incline Reverse Fly 5kg 5kg Rowing 10 mins 15 mins Cable Curl 15kg […]

Ask anyone what is one of the most important factors in life and it’s having targets, goals, aims – call ‘em what you will. So I sat here this morning and asked myself – what are my targets for this weight los/muscle building/fitness thing? I mean, what are the points at which I can take […]

What is this?


and why are you calling me mum? Why this blog, why now and why change?