Today I started a new routine which is a 3 day a week split for weights with 2 day cardio/core.


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All change


I’ve been doing my old routine now for a good 6 weeks and it feels like my body has gotten used tow hat I am doing so, it’s time to change what I do…

Am working on a new routine set that will enable me to be more focussed on working specific muscle groups now as opposed to general increase in muscle vitality.


Also, gearing up for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks so, stepping up cardio on Tuesdays/Thursdays and adding some on Saturdays now but, I hate going to the gym at the weekends so, will go for the old bike ride thing or, extended walking but that’s a wee bit antisocial (a 4 hour walk aint all that much fun for the family!).

I am going to take some key measurements this week and start to plot my monthly figures with an aim to be 32” waist by 1st Feb 2010.

I feel like I have reached a plateau at the moment so, it’s time to move on to the next level.

This week I shall mostly be increasing my dietary focus, honing my workouts and hitting more cardio….

It’s time for the next step…it’s time to hurt more and lift more…


Today is a weights day and I was ready having had a long (3 day) weekend on a course – much sitting on my butt!

Exercise Prev Curr Reps
Bodyfit 15 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l10)  
Lat W/G P/D 57.5kg 57.5kg 15/15/15 45s
Lat N/G P/D 57.5kg 57.5kg 12/12/12 45s
Reverse Flye 30kg 30kg 15/15/15 45s
Back extension     15/15/15 45s
Bicep Curl (Hammer) 7.5kg 7.5kg 12/12/12 45s
U/H Bar Hammer Curl 25kg 30kg 15/15/15 45s
S/H Cable Curl 15kg 15kg 12/12/12 45s
Bar F/Press 40kg 40kg 15/15/15 45s
Lat W/G Back 57.5kg 57.5kg 10/10/10 45s
Steps of Doom 15mins (f/b l8) 15mins (f/b l8)  

Had a problem with some of the form on a few especially the Lat Narrow Grip (forearms start to ache a lot) so need to look into that with my main man Dave.

Also, need to start upping the weights every workout to really push myself. Another 2 weeks and then a change of routine.

So, onwards….


Friday was a weights day and I was feeling in the mood so here’s my workout.

Exercise Prev Curr
Bodyfit 10 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l0)
Lateral Raise 5kg 5kg
Front Raise 5kg 5kg
Seated Cable Pulls (V) 65kg 70kg
Inner R/Cuff 10kg 10kg
Outer R/Cuff 10kg 15kg
Leg Press 125kg 125kg
Lunges 7.5kg 7.5kg
Hamstring Curl 30kg 30kg
Cable Curl 15kg 15kg
Overhead Rope Pull 40kg 40kg

All of these were 15x3x45secs unless stated.

Monday is usually weights but, I am away so, will do double header of weights Tues/Wed with bike ride (10k) in the evenings.

So, onwards….


Thursday was cardio day so, I didn’t do any major weights, just filled some time in between CV work with some form lifts and non-recorded work using 3x15x30secs.

Exercise Prev Curr
Steps machine of Doom 10 mins(f/b l8) 15 mins (f/b l0)
Incline Reverse Fly 5kg 5kg
Rowing 10 mins 15 mins
Cable Curl 15kg 15kg
Body Fit 10 mins 15 mins
Hammer Curl 10kg 10kg

Tomorrow is weights day…

So, onwards….


Seemed a bit harder than usual today, felt really tired this morning…back to 3 x 15 rep set with 45s rest – here’s my workout today:

15 mins warm-up (Bodyfit)

Exercise Prev Curr
Flye (Machine) 45kg 50kg
Dumb bell Chest Press 12.5kg (p/a) 12.5kg (p/a)
Incline Chest Press 60kg 65kg
Bench Overhead Stretch 10kg
Bar Push Down (F/Press) 40kg 40kg
V Bar Push Down 35kg 40kg
Rope Push Down (Kneeling) 30kg 35kg
Single Arm Cable Curl 15kg 15kg
Lat Pull Down (W/G) 57.5kg 57.5kg
Lat Pull Down (N/G) 57.5kg 57.5kg

10 mins warm down (Step machine of doom!) Level 9 F Burner.

Tomorrow is a cardio day where I am determined to break the “Step Machine of Doom”


So, onwards….

Weight Lift Cartoon

A hard going workout today…decided on a 4×10 rep set with 30s rest instead of my usual 3 x 15 +45s but also, upped my weights – here’s my workout today:

10 mins warm-up (Bodyfit)

Exercise Prev Curr
Lat Pull Down (Front W/G) 50kg 57.5kg
Lat Pull Down (N/G) 50kg 57.5kg
Reverse Fly 25kg 30kg
Back Extensions 15 15
Bicep Curl (Hammer) 10kg 10kg
Bicep Curl (Bar) 25kg 30kg
Cable Curl (Single arm) 15kg 15kg [1]
Bar Push Down (F/Press) 35kg 40kg
Lat Pull Down (Back W/G) 50kg 57.5kg

10 mins warm down (Step machine of doom!) Level 9 S/F Burner.

[1] Spent more time making sure my form was right!

So that was Tuesday. Got back home and it REALLY hit me, I mean I was zonked out – felt sooooo tired!

Wednesday is another weights day, Thursday is Cardio, Friday weights.

Usually my 5 day gym week is W/C/W/C/W with cycling or walking at the weekends.

Anyhow, that’s me for today unless I get on my bike tonight – the worst thing is that the 3 Peaks Challenge gets closer 😉